The Complete Guide to Airpods Case Not Charging – How to Fix it If Your Airpods Case Still Isn’t Charging

The Airpod case is a wireless charging case for the AirPods. It was released to the public in December 2017, but it has been noted that the case is not charging the AirPods.

The cause of this issue can be a faulty power connection. In order to fix it, you should try fixing these problems:

– Charging dock not functioning correctly

– Charging light not working properly

– Wire from the charging case connecting to the AirPods incorrectly

The AirPods case not charging issue is a common one that many users are facing. Although it seems like there is no fix, there are some things you can do to fix the issue.

The dock of the AirPods case not charging light comes with a USB-C port which has an LED light on it. You can try to charge your case by plugging your AirPods dock into the power adapter and pressing the power button. If this doesn’t work, try using a different power adapter or charger for your case.

What are the Causes of the Airpod Case Not Charging?

There are a few causes for an airpod case not charging. Some of the causes will be directly related to the AirPods and others will be related to the device charging port.

Many cases don’t charge due to a damaged charging port, which can occur from having too many wires connected or overuse and wear and tear on the port. This is because people often use their AirPods while they sleep, which leads to fit problems and damage on the case.

Some other cases may not charge due to battery damage caused by chemical spills, which can also be caused by short circuiting or overheating as well as excessive heat from high-power devices such as hair dryers or curling irons

If you have an airpod case not charging, there are a few factors that can affect the ability of the airpod case to charge. The most common cause of an airpod case not charging is a faulty charger. Make sure you use a reputable charger and check for signs of wear and tear on your charger’s power cord. If your charger is new, be sure to charge it up completely before using it with your AirPods Case.

The airpod case not charging might happen because of the following reasons:

– When the case is placed on a surface that has a metal or conductive object

– When the case is too close to a metal object

– When the user places the case directly on their phone’s battery

– When there are other people near the device

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Why Does My Wireless Charger Case Charge My Phone but Not my Airpods?

Wireless chargers are great for your phone because they make it easier to use while you’re on the go. They can charge your phone in just a few minutes if you have an appropriate case. However, many wireless chargers don’t work with Airpods and that can be frustrating.

If your wireless charger doesn’t work with your Airpods, the first thing you should try is removing the case from your phone and then charging it without a case. If that doesn’t solve the issue, hook up your phone to a different charger and see if it works then. If that still doesn’t work, contact your wireless company to see if their network is causing some kind of interference or other problems

Wireless chargers have become a popular charging option for many devices. Some of the most popular wireless chargers include the one from Samsung and Iphone X. But, what if your wireless charger case doesn’t charge your phone and you’re using an Apple AirPods?

Both the AirPods and your wireless charger case will both show a battery life of 100% when they are not connected to power. Your wireless charger case is not compatible with an Apple product which is why it won’t charge your AirPods.