Kobe Bryant Poster for Basketball Fans

Kobe Bryant is one of the best

basketball players in history. He has won 5 NBA championships, 2 Olympic gold medals, and an NCAA championship while playing for the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and the NCAA’s University of Pennsylvania.

This poster is a perfect addition to any basketball fan. It features the face of Kobe Bryant with his famous words: “Mamba Out”.

Who is Kobe Bryant a.k.a Black Mamba?

Kobe Bryant is a retired American basketball player who played 20 years of his NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers.

This section intends to answer the question “Who is Kobe Bryant?” and explore his life and career.

Kobe Bryant Art Canvas Lakers Championship

Kobe Bryant, a retired basketball player, is well known for his work as an NBA player and owner of Los Angeles Lakers.

Kobe Bryant is a retired professional basketball player who owns the Los Angeles Lakers. He has won 5 NBA championships with the Lakers and holds many other career records. One of his most famous paintings was sold at auction in 2013 for $2 million.

Kobe Bryant Art Canvas

Lakers Championship

Kobe Bryant Lakers fine art limited edition painting

Kobe Bryant Lakers fine art limited edition painting

This is the first time ever a painting is sold at auction with a set price. It was designed by Kobe Bryant himself, who painted it while he was playing in the NBA.


The final product is a stunning piece of artwork that will be auctioned off for charity in an online auction that runs from October 12th through October 19th, 2018.

Kobe’s Art: Kobe has been painting since his early years and it’s never been about fame or money. His paintings are done in a style similar to Picasso and Rothko, but on canvas instead of wood panels.

Kobe Bryant Dunk Poster

This poster was created by the artist Paul Scheerwalt using images from a photo taken by Kobe Bryant.

The poster is about how Kobe’s dunk in an NBA game against the Toronto Raptors changed the course of his life. His career went from being on a downtrend to becoming an NBA All-Star and eventually, winning several championships with the Lakers.

Merely looking at this poster would not be enough to understand how he has been able to make such an impact on basketball, so I suggest you watch this video below that features Kobe himself talking about his dunk and how it altered his life.

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Kobe Bryant NBA Career Stats Poster

This poster displays Kobe Bryant’s NBA career stats and accomplishments.

Kobe Bryant is arguably one of the greatest players in NBA history, having won 5 regular-season MVP awards, 10 All-Star Game MVP awards, 12 All-NBA First Team selections, 2 NBA Finals MVPs and 3 NBA Championships.a